iConstruct for Autodesk Navisworks

“Keeping the I in BIM”

Autodesk Navisworks is a common platform within the industry for collaboration and project review during the BIM process, providing better communication, improved co–ordination amongst multiple design models and improved schedules through 4D sequencing.

iConstruct is a software that adds value to Navisworks users, providing a range of tool sets that focus on “keeping the I in BIM”.No matter what design platform is used, iConstruct can help construction professionals develop more data rich models with project information to assist with project delivery. Founded by experts from the industry, iConstruct was developed to support and add value to this process on project implementation.

As we begin to aggregate different models, iConstruct can be used in early stages to create a uniform standard for information between different models. During this process, users can select the required properties, redefine property names as well as formatting of property values. This aids with the delivery of BIM models to teams by making the information easier to find and understand.

During the aggregation process it is common to come across design models that can lack and/or contain relevant information for the true stakeholder. The benefit with iConstruct’s Datalink capabilities allow any project stakeholder to import any required information to the model, from databases or even spread sheets. The ease of being able to link to these data sources adds value to the BIM process, in that users can collectively incorporate this information into a central BIM model. The benefit of this link is, that once established, and when project information is updated, it can be updated in the model seamlessly.

As this model becomes rich with data, all project stakeholders will experience the benefits of having this information accessible at their fingertips. iConstruct’s Export tool provides this functionality to produce simple data extracts to more highly customisable and presentable reports to support their day to day practices.

Often information that is required by staff within the project team for different components may not be available within the BIM model but rather embedded in associated documentation. Accessing these documents can often be time consuming with the need to sift through document registers and manuals. The Open File functionality in iConstruct allows users to use the Navisworks model to manage associated files for a project, with end users being allowed to select an item from within the model and access all associated documents, regardless of the file format.



Managing and monitoring job progression is a critical process to all construction professionals. As various stakeholders interact with teams onsite to gain feedback on task progression, the data collected at these stages can be used in analysis with iConstruct’s Colour Code tool to provide a colour representation on project status. This not only helps improve the communication with all project teams as to what is happening on site, but the ability to produce these reports quickly allows more time to resolve any potential issues.

As these models are becoming more commonly used on site, iConstruct has an extensive range of tools to be able to interrogate the model further and perform calculations, whilst also being able to append and update additional information to the model as tasks are completed, and archive information against the model when collected onsite. This not only assists teams onsite for planning and construction purposes, it also helps manage as–built data during the construction process to the model handover stage.


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